HEY again, yep its time to get a top ten of only money farming weapons. this is for only black ops 2 and will include some weapons that are not on all maps. althought i really wanted to, the M1911 will not be in the list. there are other guns i would add, but i dont think they are good enough on the list(special mention to the war machine,mauser C98 and the M1911)

10.(stg 44)

The ak of the Germans, this gun is ok for farming, better in damage but can be use for farming, so it is NO.10
Stg 44

9.(B23R) this pistol is three round burst, so its good until round 10(round 12 in the head)After round 12, this pistol will rack up some good points, but the ammo is small so some points earned goes to ammo

8(RPD) personaly i dont like this gun but its great when you got a train going, i know its a LMG but i really dont like it

7.(chicom).Yea, the chicom is a three round burst SMG, the clip is 40, so its leave only ONE bullet after 13 bursts(talk about unlucky number) thats why its 7th

6.(PDW 57) This gun is a ok gun for damage, but after round 5, this gun turns into a beast for collecting those well needed points

Pdw 57

5.(AK74u) I only added this to the list is that i can't go passed it when it comes to farming. the clip size is only 20(origins is 30 from the MYSTERY BOX!!!)

4.(UZI) this iconic gun is only in mob of the dead, but is a beast for racking up points. the clip is only 25. even when upgraded its still 25

3rd. for the bronze metal its the MP5, this is a amazing gun for farming, i mean i would be stupid not to add it to the list, the clip is 30 so its ok for clip size

2nd. for the SILVER metal its another MP, its the MP40, only on origins this is proberly my 2nd fav gun of all time. this baby got me 10,000 points by round 5!!!!!! i love this gun
Mp 40

1ST!!!!!!!!!! the most BEAST gun for farming for all black ops 2, that is only on mob of the dead and origins is THE THOMPSON(M1927) this is the absulote beast for farming, 50 size mag is the beast, damage is low so this baby is going to give you a lot of money

M1927 Menu Icon BOII

thanks for reading, comment what list i should do next