Double-Barrelled Shotgun (24 Bore Long Range)

The 'Double-Barrelled Shotgun' (24 Bore Long Range)

The 'Double-Barrelled Shotgun' (24 Bore Long Range)

Double Barrelled Shotgun


Double-Barrelled Shotgun

Manufacturer: Generic

Country of Origin: American

Installation: Miscellaneous

Main Features:

  • Break Action
  • Semi-Automatic


  • 1200 Points (Wall Bought)
  • 950 Points (World at War Box)


Double barrel shotguns were some of the earliest firearms in history; and were originally assigned to cavalry units, as the horses could get to close range faster than any man could run. This would of course maximize the general efficiency of the unit. Double barrel's however, have been easily replaced by the more convenient 'pump action' or 'semi-automatic' shotguns. Double-barrelled shotguns still prove popular with civilian, sporting and hunting circles.
Double-Barrelled Shotgun Hip Fire

Double-Barrelled Shotgun (Hip Fire).


The double barrel is located on the wall in all world at war maps, excluding Shi No Numa. It is also in the box's rotation. A varient of the double-barrel includes the sawed-off-shotgun, both with 62 total shells. The sawed-off is everything the regular double barrel is, however it trades range for damage. Both guns come at the cost of 1200 points. Shotguns in general can be risky, especially if they can only fire two, albeit very powerful, shots. Along with the fact that points are also hard to come by.

Double-Barrelled Shotgun ADS

Double Barrelled Shotgun (ADS).

Recommended Perks:Edit

In order to minimise risk, two perks are of critical importance, being Juggernog and Speed Cola. The very nature of shotguns proves that the player will almost

24 Bore Long Ranged Hip Fire

24 Long Bore Ranged (Hip Fire).

always be within close range of a zombie. The addition of Juggernog will aid you when a 'double slap' befalls you. Speed cola is an obvious choice as the Double-Barrellled shotgun only has two cartridges until expiration.


Expending 5000 points for upgrade, the Double Barrel becomes the '24 Bore Long Range'. Also a little known fact is that the Sawed-off Shotgun was originally meant to feature in 'Der Riese. If it had featured, the upgraded version would have been referred to as the 'Snuff Box'. (This was found using modding commands)

24 Long Bore Ranged ADS

24 Long Bore Ranged (ADS).


As for the ammunition. The 'Double-Barrelled Shotgun' uses 12 gauge shells, each having 8 pellets inside them. The more pellets that hit your target, the more damage dealt. Long range combat is not what the Double-Barrelled Shotgun was designed for although the 24-Bore Long Range can prove a tempting reason to fight long range. However, the single downfall of the Double-Barrel shotgun is within the name, the restrictions that come with having only two shells at a time makes it dangerous piece of work... for both players and zombies.