The PM63 (The Tokyo & Rose)


Manufacturer: Lucznik Arms Factory

Country of Origin: Poland

Installation: Miscellanious

Main Features:

  • Straight Blowback
  • Fully Automatic

    PM-63 RAK

  • Box Magazine


  • 1000 Points (Black Ops)


The Polish PM63 is fully automatic and weighing at a light, 1.6kg total weight whilst also using 9mm rounds. These rounds are loaded in a box magazine and inserted via the bottom of the handle, like most handguns and pistols. Fully named the PM63 RAK, short for and translating to "Hand-held Automatic Commando Firearm" from its Polish place of origin. Produced for a total of 10 years by the Lucznik Arms Factory between the years 1964-1974. Designed in the late 1950's with the need for a light hand held defensive firearm for armoured and artillery crews.


Readily available on the wall for 1000 points, usualy in the 2nd room's, coming with 20 rounds per magazine and 100 extra munitions. A low amount, worse still with the fact that the PM63 has the fastest conceivable firerate of 937RPM, losing only to the Minigun power-up. Useful in a pinch, as the PM63 pays off its 1000 point value in just a few magazines worth of munition. The low recoil also assists in aleviating difficultly for obtaining headshots. Both high fire-rate and low recoil prove invaluble for the first wave of Hellhounds. Similar but slightly weaker in damage to the M14, the PM63 can shoot a zombie in the body 5 times on round 5 before killing, a factor continually ongoing with every new round. Munution supplementation however is a concern, as high fire-rate and low ammo work against each other. As a result, the PM63 loses its overall effectivness before it loses its killing effectivness.

Recommended Perks:Edit

While using the "Speed Cola" and "Double Tap" augmentations, relentlessly fireing both weapons together makes ammo run out in approximately 13seconds. Useful when in a tight situations, although more easily solved with the likes of shotguns.


With 5000 point for upgrade, you will be presented with the Tokyo & Rose. Undergoing 2 specific changes, the most significant being that the PM63 is now Dual Wield. Magazine size is increased to 25 for both, and 275 total ammo count. Regardless of the vast increase, munutions run dry quickly, primarily down to the atrocious bullet spread; resulting in the majority of bullets straying off target, doing no harm.

The Tokyo & Rose remain more as a gimick weapon, not to be taken too seriously.


The 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge was introduced in 1902 by 'Deutsch Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken' for their Luger Pistol. Parabellum is derived from the company's motto "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" (if you seek peace, prepare for war). Also being standardised and used by NATO with multiple variants since WW1 such as a Plastic Projectile for training purposes.