The AK74u (The AK74Fu2)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'AK74u' (The AK74fu2)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'AK74u' (The AK74fu2)

Manufacturer: Izhmash

Country of Origin: Soviet Russia

Installation: Cold War

Main Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Gas Operated

Cost: 1200 Points (Black Ops)


The Russian AK74u, not to be confused wiz ze non-exsistant AK47u, is a shortened version of the ak74, the 'U' representing the russian word for "shortened", although this model ingame should feature a folding stock. At heart it is an assault rifle, but because of small size, it can also be considered a Submachine gun. Intended primarily for use by special forces, airbourne units, support units and armoured divisions. Developed in 1979 it saw prime use during the Soviet-Afghan war, which sprouted after the Americans gave Afghani forces the weapons needed to combat soviet communism. And still used in the present day, using the Soviet's original 5.45×39mm rounds, in a fully automatic fashion.


The 74u has seen 3 seperate installations, being Call of Duty 4, MW3 and of course, Black Ops. Often found toward the last area's of all the map's, at the cost of 1200 points. And rightly so, as the 74u is of high quality and reliability when in comes to wall bought weapon choices. With a total of 180 munitions, it has the largest amount of ammo of all wall bought veapons, when excluding the MP40. It's damage is also the highest of all SMG's. A negative factor is that of magazine size, with only 20 rounds, somewhat compensated by a short, 2 second reload. It remains the overall best veapon choice until the stronger, more prolific weapons are availabe to you from the mystery box.

Recommended Perks:Edit

As for perks, Double Tap will allow fire-rate to be comparible to the faster SMG's. Speed Cola will drop reload time, furtherly compensating for the small magazine.


Expending 5000 points for pack-a-punch upgrade, delivers the AK74u-Fu2. Damage is increased, and total munition, doubled, to 320. Magazine size is also doubled to 40, however reload time and fire rate remain stagnant, and do not increase. A red-dot attachment is also featured, assisting in accuracy and easing recoil. It is a common choice for being used by Moon's Hacker Tool, as upgrade is reletivly close by and easy. For those unenlightened, the hacked weapon's pack-a-punch munition becomes signficantly cheaper, switching from 4500, to just 600. As such, gaining points is very easy.


A small and lightweight military service cartridge, the 5.45x39mm was introduced in 1974 by the former soviet union. Early tests showed a pronounced tumbling effect, to increase potential wounding. Most bodily organs are too flexible to be heavily damaged when hit.