The Arisakathumb|405px|right

Designer: Nariakira Arisaka

Country of Origin: Japan

Installation: Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II, Korean War

Main Features:

  • Bolt Action
  • Internal Magazine


200 Points (World at War)


The Japanese 'Arisaka' is actually a family of Japanese Bolt Actions designed by nariakira Arisaka in 1897. The one you see in use ingame is the Type99 version, chambering japense 7.7x58mm rounds, equel in power to the modern .308 caliber. It was also the main battle rifle for WW2, used in countrys such as China and Cambodia, after being confiscated from the japanese imperial army, which was brought to an end with their loss of World War 2.


The Arisaka is only availalble in the Shi No Numa facility, for a mere 200 points in the first room. It does what you would expect, and that is very little. With 55 rounds, and 5 per magazine before reloading, the Arisaka is incapable of a 1 hit headshot kill after round 4. In round 1, it kills in a single shot, round 2 allows for a single shot without killing. And at rounds 3 and 4, 2 body shots will be the maximum before a zombie dies. Only really of any use to aid in headshots, if for some reason you cannot purchsase the Gewher, which is located in the same room. Rather pathetic.


During the second Sino-Japanese war, Japan knew the chinese 8x57mm was superior to their own 6.5x50mm in their previous type38 rifle. This developed the Arisaka Type99 using it's 7.7mm cartridge.