right|405px|The 'BAR' (The Window Maker) Weapon Guide. [BAR (The Widow Maker). ]

Manufacturer: Colt's Manufacturing Company

Country of Origin: America

Installation: World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, Palestinian Civil Conflict

Main Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Gas Operated



  • 1800 Points (World at War)
  • 950 Points (Mystery Box)


BAR Hip Fire

The 'BAR' Hip-Fire.

A fully automatic Weapon with an underside box magazine, that features 20 .30-06 caliber rounds. The BAR has seen world wide usage in conflicts such as World War 1 and 2, The Vietnam and Korean war, and the most recent Palistinian civil conflict. Designed by John M Browning specifically for the US Expeditionary Corps in Europe. The design was finalized and produced in the same year of 1917. Typically fitted with a Bipod for consistant accuracy for suppressing enemy soldiers.


The Widow Maker Hip Fire

The Widow Maker Hip Firing.

The BAR is readily available on ze wall, for 1800 points. Also showing in the mystery box, for ze standard 950 points. Carrying 20 projectiles per magazine, and 140 extra munitions. Comparible to the Thompson SMG, trading speed in both fire rate and reload time, for raw power. Because of this, recoil is easily manageable. However due to its lack in speed, solo attempts after round 10 are difficult. But in a team, is a valuble support weapon to your group.

Recommended Perks:Edit

Lack of speed is your greatest enemy, as such, Speed Cola, and Double Tap, defeats this enemy.


The 5000 point Pack-A-Punch upgrade to the BAR delivers improvement to

BAR Down Sight

The 'BAR' Down Sight.

both munition capacity and speed, in the form of The Widow Maker. Magazine capacity increases to just a small amount of 30. As with all weapons, damage and total ammo also increase. Also like most bullet based weapons, munuition supply and stopping power become problematic factors above round 20. Regardless, it bridges the gap between the weaker Submachine guns and the more formidable Heavy Machine guns.


The Widow Maker Down Sight

The Widow Maker Down Sight.

The .30-06 cartirdge was introduced and standardised by the US armed forces in 1906. Used in weapons including the Springfield Rifle, M1 Garand, and BAR, all with different loading mechanisms.