The Colt M1911 (The Mustang & Sally / C-3000 B1at-ch35)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'Colt' M1911 (Mustang & Sally)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'Colt' M1911 (Mustang & Sally)

Designer: John Browning

Country of Origin: America

Installation: Every Major Conflict Since WW1

Main Features:

  • Semi Automatic
  • Magazine Fed

    The Colt M1911


  • Default (World at War/Black Ops)
  • 950 Points (Mystery Box)


The American made Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol was invented by John Browning as a standard issue side arm for the US armed forces. Being officially issued in the year 1911, it has seen through every single world conflict since it's invention, with only slight modification. Browning was a mastermind of his generation having over 30 designs of machine guns, rifles, shotguns and pistols

Colt Hip Fire

Colt (Hip Fire).

alike. His genius is reflected through the fact that his weapons have seen worldwide service in many countries since before the World Wars.


Being the first available weapon in each Call of Duty zombie map, with a maximum of 88 rounds held per person, and with 8 bullets per magazine. Even though it uses the highly powerful .45 caliber cartridges, it remains the weakest weapon at your disposal. However this trait has its benefits as a more than effective

C-3000 B1at-ch35 Hip Fire.

C-3000 B1at-ch35 Hip Fire.

point builder, capable of 7 shots to the body before killing on round 1. Therefore to maximise point accumulation, 6 body shots and a knife attack yields 190 points per zombie [See here for the best, early round point guide]. In the second round you will need to shoot 8 to 12 shots to kill zombies in a single knife blow. After this stage your ammo will be running low so seek out new, stronger pieces of equipment. The Colt remains a cheap and easy point collector, but loses its effective killing power at round 4. But do not cast it out yet as it can again become your only bastion of survival when hope is nigh on running out.


Now we enter the Mustang & Sally, the Pack-A-Punch 5000 point upgrade of

Colt ADS

Colt (ADS).

the Colt. Staying semi automatic in nature, they undergo the most significant change of any and all available weaponry. The Colt is divided in 2 and switches from bullets to grenades, of the Mustang & Sally. With each explosive dealing 1000 points of damage: the highest possible amount of any standard weapon. It covers a wider range than bullets, making them extremely potent devices in the right hands. It's primary downfall lies in its longevity, different from other upgraded weapons, the magazine size decreases from what used to be 8 to 6, and a total ammo capacity from 88 to 56.

C-3000 B1at-ch35 ADS

C-3000 B1at-ch35 (ADS).

Recommended Perks:Edit

Regardless of this, consumption of the Speed Cola and PHD Flopper will make you near unstoppable, until your ammo runs dry, as it did when you began.



Mustang and Sally.

The .45 ACP is a cartridge designed by John Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic .45 pistol. And eventually, the M1911 pistol, adopted by the united states army in 1911.