The M14 (The Mnesia )
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M14' (Mnesia)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M14' (Mnesia)

Designed: 1954

Country of Origin: America

Installation: Vietnam War, Present Day

Main Features:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Magazine Fed



The M14

M14 Hip Fire.

M14 (Hip Fire)

  • 500 Points (Black Ops)


The American M14 Battle Rifle, the last of its kind until being replaced by the m16 in the year 1970, has seen new, highly adequete adaptations. Developed by the US military, and issued as standard since 1959, it uses 7.62mm ammunition in its detachable box magazine. Also with a limited amount of accessories including grenade launchers, slings and Bayonettes. It remains in use by countries such as Israel, Greece and Ecuador.


But let me tell you about the version you will operate. The M14 is the second of the two first available wall bought weapons in the Black Ops maps. Charging 500 points, it comes with 104 of the previously mentio

ned 7.62mm projectiles, with 8 per magazine. Unlike the M14's Olympian and nickel plated counterparts, it stays of moderate use even beyond round 10 if used correctly. Headshots elicit more than double damage of a body s

hot. Thus requiring 4 headshots for a successful kill at round 10. And a whole magazine of 8 rounds to the head to kill at round 18. In terms of points and usage, purchase of the m14 on round 2 is a safe decision. Here, 1

body shot and a knife attack will bring a maximum of 140 points. Round 3 requires 2 body shots for a knife

kill. But a single bullet to the head, will take it clean off also allowing for a 1 hit knife kill. Round 4 requires 3 body shots for a knife

kill. After the 5th round, your focus on maximising points should be re-prioritised towards headshots and survival, as this point onward will bring more foes at a greater speed.

Recommended Perks:Edit

M14 ADS.

M14 (ADS).

Furthermore, intake of Deadshot Daiquiri and Double Tap will ensure easy headshot success at a faster rate, correlating to great prosperity in every regard.


At the price of the standard 5000 points, you get The Mnesia. Doubling in 3 separate aspects, that of damage, munition capac

ity and magazine size. Mnesia grants a doubled magazine size of 16 rounds, a vast increase from 104 to 208 total rounds carried, and comes with a Grip attachment, stabilizing your long range capability. Having a greater headshot multiplier of 6 times, more of any other standard weapon, with the exception of sniper rifles, a single headshot before round 13 is an instant kill. And potentially, if your marksmanship is up to scratch, a whole 16 round magazine can kill at round 40. But seeing as most are incapable of consistant headshots, the

Mnesia remains a

valid option until round 30.


The 7.62x51mm NATO rifle cartridge was developed in the 1950's as standard for NATO small arms. First introduced to US service for use initially with the M14 and M60 machine gun.

Mnesia ADS.

Mnesia (ADS)

Mnesia Hip Fire.

Mnesia (Hip Fire)