The M16 (The Skull Crusher)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M16' (The Skullcrusher)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M16' (The Skullcrusher)



Manufacturer: Colt Defence

Country of Origin: America

Installation: Vietnam War

Main Features:

  • Selective Fire
  • Gas Operated


  • 1200 Points (Black Ops)


The American made M16 rifle, formerly known as the AR-15 rifle, it was adopted by the US military and adapted for semi automatic, fully automatic, and 3 round burst fire modes. First seeing use in the Vietnam War, and still used as the primary service rifle for the US military, and also adopted by the British SAS for use in the Falklands War. After extensive study of battlefield reports from World War 1 and 2, it was concluded that most combat took place at short range. As such, aiming proved difficult, and the faster fire rate weapons were more often victorious. Conversly, high fire-rate leads to faster ammo depletion, but more ammo also leads to more weight, something not ideal in close combat situations. Thus A lightweight weapon and lighter ammo cartirdge's were of necessity.

M16 ADS.

M16 (ADS).


Located on every Black Ops map, often found close to the power room area, for A fair amount of 1200 points. Capable of carrying 150 rounds, with 30 in a single magazine in A 3 round burst firemode. Compared to the assault rifles available in the mystery box, it has low damage, as such, it is often avoided, unless conveniently closeby when need exceed's greed. However still of sufficent use in the first 15 rounds, due to easy headshots with such a controlable recoil, conversly, because of the burst fire, the M16 fails to keep up with the expanding horde.
The Skullcrusher ADS.

The Skullcrusher (ADS).

Recommended Perks:Edit

Able to stretch another round or 2, with the use of Double Tap and Deadshot Daiquiri, a truely lethal combination for the M16.


Made more fierce, with the 5000 point Pack-A-Punch upgrade, which delivers significant and unique enhancements, transforming into the Skull Crusher. Granting fully automatic fire and 300 total munitions, and an underslung grenade launcher, with 9 grenades. These grenades do a maximum damage equel to 2 claymore mines, around the centre of a 10meter radius. Minimum damage equates to less than 4 times the maximum. Generally incapable of kills, but it serves as a useful support weapon. Much like the Imploder, creating crawlers and sharing damage, eleviating your team mates workload. As for the fully automatic rifle itself, firerate equates to the maximum of 937RPM. Magazine size stays at 30, resulting in a need for constant reload, however as the fastest reloading assault rifle, disregarding the Predators dual magazine capability, this is is eleviated to some degree.

It is not like the Imploder of the golden years, but it does suffice.
M16 Hip Fire.

M16 (Hip Fire).


Chambering the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, standardised among NATO countries in 1980, however the Belgian variant was ultimately chosen, as it included a small steel tip to improve body armour penetration.
The Skullcrusher (Grenade Launcher reload).

The Skullcrusher (Reloading the Grenade Launcher).

The Skullcrusher Hip Fire.

The Skullcrusher (Hip Fire).