The M1A1 Carbines (The Widdershins)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M1A1' (Widdershins RC-1)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'M1A1' (Widdershins RC-1)

Manufacturer: Military Contractors

Country of Origin: America

Installation: WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Various Worldwide Conflicts

Main Features:

  • Gas Operated
  • Semi-Autometic
  • Box Magazine


  • 600 Points (World at War)
  • 950 Points (Mystery Box)


The American Made M1A1 Carbine, formally the United States Carbine Caliber .30 M1, became a standard firearm for the U.S military for wars including World War 2, The Korean War and The Vietnam War. Also proving popular for civilian usage. A lightweight semi-automatic Carbine, the M1A1 hosts a box magazine holding 15 .30 caliber rounds. The version operated in-game is actually the M1 Carbine. The M1A1 Variant sports a noticeably different stock and grip. Adopted into service in 1942 until 1973, over 6.5 million have been produced.


Available for purchase in every World at War map, Verrukts being in the Mystery Box, costing either 600 or 950 points. It holds 15 projectiles and 120 to spare, resulting in a mediocre 135 collective munitions. The M1 proves a stronger adversary in Shi No Numa and Der Riese. Previously needing 3 body shots before killing on round 2, and 4 body shots at round 3, staying ahead by an extra bullet than the round number. The "newer" versions turn this around, requiring 2 shots on round 3, and 3 for round 4 to kill. Much like the other early semi-automatics, a worthy replacement of the starting Colt for a time. More-so due to the extra damage, effective for the first 10 rounds.

Recommended Perks:Edit

Consumption of "speed cola" is a necessity, as the 15 round magazine runs dry quickly. Despite this, munitions last for a surprising amount of time.


The upgraded version of the Carbine, always for 5000 points, reveals The Widdershins. Raising in damage as with all upgraded weapons, whilst also retaining the 15 round magazine, but gaining an extra 2 magazines worth of munuition, resulting in 165 bullets. The defining factor of Widdershins would be the mode of fire, which changes to fully automatic. The hellhounds are particully succeptable to the Widdershins, however not to the extent of other fully automatics and shotguns, which prove far superior as one would expect. Being readily available close to the mainframe, it proves itself useful for the teleporter "loop" strategy, the Widdershins becomes unreliable after 15 rounds, but a welcome change of pace.


The .30 carbine cartridge was introduced in the 19040's for use in the M1 Carbine, although chambered in such weapons as the Thompson SMG. It was produced during WW2 until the 1950's for military purposes, and still in production for civilian usage