The Olympia (The Hades)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'Olympia' (Hades)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The 'Olympia' (Hades)

Manufacturer: Dynamit Nobel

Country of Origin: Italy and Germany

Installation: Skeet Shooting, Personal Defence

Main Features:

  • Double Barrel
  • Breach Loaded
  • Break Action

    The Olympia


    The Olympia (Hip Fire)

Cost: 500 Points (Black Ops)


The Olympia tends to go un-noticed, but it possesses unique gifts. This Double Barrled Shotgun, the Rottweil Olympia72, if of German design, but under Italian development. Rottweil however is a brand owned by Dynamit Nobel, who not only developed weaponry, but chemicals that led to their development of Dynamite. The name "Olympia" comes from the Olympic games which were hosted in Munich in 1972, hence Olympia72.


The Olympia is one of the two first available wall bought weapons in all the Black Ops Zombie maps. With a price of 500 points, it comes with 40 available shotgun shells, but holds only 2 before a reload is required. As such, use in earlier stages is when the Olympia is at its highest effectiveness. After round 6, it's 1 shot capability is lost. Shotguns are not known for their point accumulating ability, but they make up for this with raw killing power. After investing some time and points, you will see its true might, parallel to that of a God.

The Hades (Hip Fire)

Recommended Perks:Edit

The only issue is the lacking capacity of a mere 2 shells before reloading. So consumption of Speed Cola is an obvious choice. Juggernog too will reduce the danger of death when moving close to elicit maximum damage.


5000 points makes the Olympia turn into The Hades. 2 specific enhancements, being the old buckshot projectiles turn into incendiary rounds, causing extra damage. Second, reloading becomes faster, speeding up the rechambering of the new incendiary rounds, of which 62 are available. Available but difficult to obtain, as the Hades, much like the Olympia, lacks the high point acquisition to afford munition replenishment all alone. Compared to the 3 other shotguns, Hades is unique in the fact that all other shotguns, upgraded and not, have only 8 pellets per buckshot round. Same with the the Olympia, but Hades increases this by 50% resulting in 12 pellets. Therefore, damage is increased, resulting in a potential 1 shot kill up to round 19. Along with the matter that these pellets spread more than a standard bullet, a horde can be diminished to ash in seconds.
Hades ADS.

The Hades (ADS)


12 Gauge shells are self-contained cartridges loaded typically with "shot". Small ball bearings of various materials including lead and steel. 00 Buckshot is a standard for shotguns, holding a total of 8 seperate 8.4mm pellets.