The Stakeout (The Raid)
The 'Stakeout' (Raid)

The 'Stakeout' (Raid)

Manufacturer: Ithaca Gun Company

Country of Origin: America

Installation: World War II, The Vietnam War

Main Features:

  • Pump Action
  • Self Loading


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    1500 Points (Black Ops)


The Stakeout is has been used in both World War 2 and the Vietnam war. The Stakeout is a manually operated pump action shotgun, using 12 gauge shells. Also an alternate version of the Ithaca37 shotgun with a shorter barrel and pistol grip stock. A reasonably unknown firearm, surprising as it was designed by John Browning and John Pedersen; the former designed the Colt M1911 . Produced by the Ithaca gun company since 1937, and mainly in useage by various US Police Departments. Unlike most other shotguns, the shell loading and ejection ports are located at the underside, making it popular for both the left and right handed users.


Stakeout Hip Fire

Stakeout (Hip Fire).

Located primarily after the wall bought sub machine guns, excluding the AK74u , and sometimes the MP5k, depending on the map. Your 1500 points deliver a maximum capacity of 6 buckshot rounds without reload, and 54 rounds to spare. Approximately twice as powerful as the Olympia, with a maximum damage that potentially kills in 1 shot up to round 12. And Due to the pump action nature, it will take a helf second to prepare your next shot.
Raid Hip Fire

Raid (Hip Fire).

Recommended Perks:Edit

Because of this, double tap proves a more than useful addition. Juggernog and Speed Cola too, for the obvious reasons. Remember that your combat will be close quaters and therefore Juggernog is imperative.


Upgrading with the Pack-a-punch at the cost of 5000 points, upscales a

Stakeout ADS

Stakeout (ADS).

Stakeout to the Raid. Damage is near doubled, and munitions, increased, to 10 maximum held shells, with 60 extra. The Raid is also attached with a front Grip for faster pump movement. And that is not all, a total of 2 shells are loaded at once, requiring only 5 shells until the Raid is fully-loaded; and remains of use upward of round 20.

Raid ADS

Raid (ADS).


12 Gauge shells are self-contained cartridges loaded typically with "shot". Small ball bearings of various materials including lead and steel. 00 Buckshot is a standard for shotguns, holding a total of 8 seperate 8.4mm pellets.