The Thompson (The Gibs-o-Matic)
The 'Thompson' (Gibs-o-matic)

The 'Thompson' (Gibs-o-matic)

Manufacturer: Auto-Ordnance Company

Country of Origin: America

Installation: World War I, World War II, The Korean, The Vietnam War

Main Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Blowback


  • 1200/1500 Points (World at War)

    The Thompson

  • 950 Points (Mystery Box)


The Thompson M1928A1 is a fully automatic firearm in service for the US military since 1938, and in use in wars such as World War 2, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Firing the large .45 ACP caliber rounds from its 20 round capacity Stick magazine although also capable of 30, 50 and 100 round magazines. Invented by General John Thompson who sought to replace bolt action rifles. World War 1 vas fought heavily in trench warfare, which the thompson proved invaluable for clearing. The Thompson is also an notorious and historial firearm, being used by many groups such as the Military, Police Forces, Criminals, and Civilians, due to the small size, extreme fire-rate and reliablity.

Thompson Hip Fire.

Thompson (Hip Fire).


Available for 3 seperate prices. 1500 for Nacht Der Untoten's wall bought version and 1200 for any other map's wall versions, and 950 from the mystery box. Featuring the small, 20 round magazine, and 200 rounds extra munitions. Taking an estimate time of 2 seconds to both unleash all 20 rounds, and to reload. Damage is comparible to the bolt action rifles, excluding the Springfield. Leaving the Thompson as a highly potent device for the first 10 rounds. Also ideal for window defence, and for killing small zombie groups.

Location of the gun:

Nacht der Untoten: In the "Help room" on the wall next to a window at the back of the room for 1500 points.

Verruckt: Located in the American side downstairs hallway for 1200 points.

Shi No Numa: Located in the starting mystery box room for 1200 points.

Der Riese: Located in the right hallway room pass the double barreled shotgun for 1200 points.

Gibs-o-Matic Hip Fire.

Gibs-o-Matic (Hip Fire).

Recommended Perks:Edit

Using speed cola gives the thompson an almost instantaneous reload, very useful as the need for reload is ever present with such a small magazine.


Surrendering the Thompson along with 5000 points for the Pack-A-Punch, will in

Gibs-o-Matic ADS.

Gibs-o-Matic (ADS).

return grant you the Gibs-o-Matic. Suited with a larger magazine of 40, and total munitions of 290. Fire-rate is noticably increased, as well as damage. As with all SMG's, munition supplementation is a problematic factor, becoming noticeably present with the Gibs, at round 18. Even though the Gibs has more muntions than that of the previous SMG's.


Thompson ADS.

Thompson (ADS).

The .45 ACP rounds was designed by John Browning in 1904 for his prototype M1911 pistol. It's an effective pistol cartridge, but due to low-velocity, is ineffective against body armour, and due to it's size, weight and cost, it loses out to the more popular 9mm Parabellum cartridge.