The Trench Gun (The Gut Shot)
Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The M1897 'Trench Gun' (The Gut Shot)

Z Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) - The M1897 'Trench Gun' (The Gut Shot)

Manufacturer: Winchester Repeating Arms Factory

Country of Origin: America

Installation: WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War

Main Features:

  • Pump Action


  • 1500 Points (World at War)
  • 950 Points (Mystery Box)


The United States M1897 Trench Gun is a pump action shotgun that saw usage through world war 1 and 2, as well as the Korean and Vietnam war. Using 12 gauge shells. Also often fitted with a Bayonet. Manufactured by the Vinchester Repeating Arms Company, the m1897 was the successor to John Brownings M1893, and over one million have been produced in its time. Several improvmenets were made from the M1893, including a strengthened and lengthened frame to handle different sized 12 gauge munition, of which it could hold a total of 6. The name "Trench Gun" is self explainitory, as world war 1 was fought heavily in trench warfare, therefore, close range combea was inevitable, and having a powerful shotgun by your side would prove lethal.

Trench Gun ADS.

M1897 'Trench Gun' (ADS).


The Trench Gun is located in every world at war map for a price of 1500 points; and 950 points from the mystery box, and available in 2 wall locations in Verrukt. Holding a total of 6 shells loaded 1 at a time, and 60 extra munitions. Like all shotguns, gathering points is difficult, however fully automatic weapons tend to be close by to the wall bought zones. It's damage is of course, high, easily controlling the flow of battle through the first 10 rounds. A little known fact, is that the Trench Gun, Sawn off, and Double Barrel, use the same ammo, and therefore share munitions, resulting in 128 total rounds if 2 of the 3 are carried. This does not apply in Der Riese.

Gut Shot ADS.

Gut Shot (ADS).

Recommended Perks:Edit

As for perk augmentations, Juggernog is a great re-assurence when going to closer range to elicit maximum damage. Double Tap, no matter what you may hear, does have a great effect on the Trench Gun, cutting time between shots significantly. With these 2 perks, as well as Speed Cola, it leads to is a perfect set up for holding windows.


A common choice for the pack-a-punch's 5000 point upgrade, the Trench Gun becomes the Gut Shot. The Trench Gun before fired 8 pellets, with upgrade, this is increased to 10. Damage is also doubled, which is a significant increase, capable of 1 hit kills at round 18. Total capacity is increased by 4, to 10. And with the inclusion of a 2 shell at a time reload, time to fully reload when empty is less than the Trenc

Trench Gun Hip Fire.

M1897 'Trench Gun' (Hip Fire).

h Gun itself, even with more rounds to load.


12 Gauge shells are self-contained cartridges loaded typically with "shot". Small ball bearings of various materials including lead and steel. 00 Buckshot is a standard for shotguns, holding a total of 8 seperate 8.4mm pellets.

Gut Shot Hip Fire.

Gut Shot (Hip Fire).