The Type 100 (The 1001 Samurais)

Manufacturer: Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company.

Country of Origin: Japan

Installation: Second Sino-Japanese War, WW2

Main Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Blowback Action


  • 1000 Points (World at War)

History: Edit

Type 100 Hip Fire.

Type 100 (Hip Fire).

The Type 100 was the only sub machine gun produced in mass quantity in ww2 era japan, at first designed in 1939, and in service by the Japanese imperial army in 1942, until the end of ww2 in 1945. A simple and inexpensive sub machine gun, for faster production time, at the cost of minimal resources. The type 100 is fully automatic and holds a 30 round box magazine on the left side.


Found exclusively in Shi No Numa and Der Riese on the wall for 1000 points as well as from the box for 950 points. Along with the 30 round magazine, 160 rounds are also included after purchase. and effective point building firearm as fire rate is fairly high, the type 100 is most commonly used in the Z-B defensive tactic, as its wall bought location is close by. Considering this tactic, the standard type 100 is effective until round 20. however when employing that tactic, upgrade of the type 100 even after round 20, is ill advised, as the point gain to ammo replenishment ratio is inadequate.

The '1001 Samurais' Hip Fire.

The 1001 Samurais (Hip Fire).

Recommended Perks:Edit

Due to the rather high fire rate of the Type 100, reloads will be needed often. Therefore Speed Cola is a useful purchase. No other perks are of such necessity, and so it is then down to your personal preference.


Type 100 ADS.

Type 100 (ADS).

5000 points for pack-a-punch upgrade delivers the 1001 samurais. Damage is doubled as well as magazine size. Fire rate comes in at a little under the usual maximum at 923 RPM, and total carried munitions increased by 60.

Ammunition: 8x22mm NambuEdit

The cartridge was designed in Japan in 1904 for the type A Nambu pistol. It was substantially weaker than other military pistol cartridges used by the other major powers and fell out of production at the end of ww2.
The '1001 Samurais' ADS.

The 1001 Samurais (ADS).